Recommendations after Ceramic Coating

THANK YOU for choosing a ceramic coating of 5 years for your vehicle.

To ensure that this protection lasts years, follow these maintenance and washing guidelines:

  • The vehicle should not be exposed to water for 12 hours and should not be washed for 7 days.Wash your vehicle regularly, there is no specific frequency set, but as needed. The ceramic layer can also become contaminated if dirt accumulates on it.
  • We recommend using our washing services. But, if this is not possible, make sure the vehicle is hand-washed.
  • DO NOT USE "Drive Through" automatic car washes, as they may use harsh chemicals and sometimes those brushes could be a bit abrasive, which could end up damaging the ceramic coating.
  • Use mild cleaning products, such as neutral pH soap. Avoid acidic or alkaline cleaning products, as they can affect the ceramic layers. Also, avoid using sponges. The best alternatives to prevent scratches and holograms are microfiber towels.
  • After each wash, thoroughly dry all vehicle surfaces carefully with clean microfiber towels. It should be easy due to the water beading effect provided by the ceramic (hydrophobic). But, please, do not skip this step, as sometimes, especially when washed in sunlight, the water could evaporate very quickly leaving water spots caused by mineral residues in the water.
  • According to the manufacturer's recommendations, it is essential to carry out professional maintenance of the ceramic coating just midway, which in your case is. This may include a detailed wash, inspection, and probably the application of a ceramic boost coat. This will ensure that your coating continues to protect your vehicle effectively over time. Remember, proper maintenance and care of your ceramic coating will prolong its lifespan and  keep your vehicle impeccable.

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